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Chandan A.S. Alam, BSc., M.D.

BSc., M.D. Executive Vice President, CSO

Chandan A.S. Alam is currently Executive Vice President and Chief Scientific Officer. Dr. Alam is also a Founding Director. His main area of interest is the transdermal delivery of drugs and he has completed several successful clinical trials of TDSC’s technology. From 2003 to 2009 Dr. Alam was Senior Research Fellow and co-head of the Experimental Pathology group at the William Harvey Research Institute, London, UK.

Dr. Alam has published 45 plus papers, posters and book chapters on angiogenesis, various animal models of disease and transdermal delivery of drugs and has presented widely at international conferences. Dr. Alam is co-inventor of two US Patents - No. 5,847,002 and 6,596,703 which have developed and been commercialised from his work. Dr. Alam is a member of the East London and City Medical Ethics Committee. Dr. Alam received his Bachelor of Science (BSc) from London Guildhall University and his MD from St. Georges University School of Medicine, Grenada, WI.