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Evolving the hormone replacement product

Women’s hormone replacement has to date been limited to one form of estrogen, 17-beta Estradiol, sometimes in combination with Progestin, a man-made, but gut-absorbable replacement of natural Progesterone. Estrogen patches have been some of the most widely prescribed transdermal medications. Women’s hormone deficit profiles vary broadly and in response, the concept of bio-identical hormone replacement has greatly evolved.

TDSCs’ Estrogen + Progesterone product would create one or more hormone preparations, which would have balances of estrogen, along with natural progesterone that would mimic the woman’s pre-menopausal hormone profile. It is theorized that such “bio-identical” dosing will be protective against cancer and impart youthful benefits.

TDSC is developing therapeutic outcome protocols with the Endocrine Medicine Department at St. Barts and the Royal London School of Medicine.